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Integral reflecting operating lights
Product Name:
Integral reflecting operating lights
Bottle body:
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Detailed Product Description:
Main technical parameters:
Type L7 L7
Illumination intensity(max.) 10,0000~16,0000lux 10,0000~16,0000lux
Adjustment range of illumination intensity 100%-50% 100%-50%
Power of bulb 150W 150W
Service life of bulb ≥1000h ≥1000h
Depth of focus ≥1100mm ≥1100mm
Diameter of luminous spot 150-280mm 150-280mm
Dia.of lamp disc 700mm 700mm
Effective area 2462cm² 2462cm²
Color temperature 4300±250K
CRI Ra≥93
Ir ratio of absorption 99%
Mains voltage ~220V,50Hz;~110V,60Hz
Rated voltage of bulb 24V
The lowest height for lnstal lation 2800mm
Executive standard IEC60601-2-41:2000
Type Parts Package dimension Gross weight Net weight Packing
L7/7 Lamp head(1) 93.5×93.5×39.5(cm) 38(Kg) 13(Kg) plywood box
Lamp head(2) 93.5×93.5×39.5(cm) 38(Kg) 13(Kg) plywood box
Swivel ling arm 160×51.5×47.5(cm) 89(Kg) 62(Kg) plywood box

Installation requirements:

1.The basement should support a burden of 500Kg.If the height of the ceiling is more than 3.2m,one extension rack should be added(it can be specially made by us)
2.The ground lead of the user should be connected with the groud lead terminal of the product.(The kelly line at the base)
3.Please contact with the company for any special requirements in installation.Meanwhile,we take the job for installation.