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Integral reflecting operating lights with TV
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Integral reflecting operating lights with TV
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Main technical parameters:
BJ brands of operating lights system with TV device is specially designed for medical institutions such as teaching hospitals etc and can not only be used in operating theatre  room to capture entire surgical process but also for teaching and training medical staff.

Such system has a variety of combinations,among which the best option is to have operating lights configured with central video camera device.Through employing operation lamp system with TV device,image information can be transmitted to surgical teaching room or to intermet after storing with digital video recorder(DVR)for remote transmission.

BJ-TV operating lights with built-in video camera system adopts SONY high performance image sensors and has high-resolution image acquisition function,equipped with a perfect camera module and integrated light source system that can be interchanged by common light source components(torch light)to ensure flexible application and fast operation.

operating lights is running simultaneously with BJ-TV configured with video camera device.Sterilization handle of lamp is used not only to easily adjust the position of video camera but also for light focusing the operation.LCD display can monitor the movement of images as to obtain the best clinical results.

Type BJ-L7/5(TV)
Image acquisition sensor 1/3擟CD
Television production PAL(NTSC)
Pixels >1000,000
Horizontal resolution >600TV Lines
Automatic shutter 1/2- 1/10000S
Illumination intensity(min) 3 lux
Signal output(video) Y/C(S-video)
Singnal-to-noise ratio(SNR) ≥50DB
White balance Automatic
Ambient temperature 0℃~+50℃
Focal length of lens f=5.1-51mm
Zoom range 120×(10×Optical zoom/12×digital zoom)
Video output BNC*1
Remote operation 3D Keyboard(VISCA agreement)
Remote control High-speed communication control via RS-485
1)To flexibly use such system,users can order the operating lights system inclusive of two sets of light source components(Torch);
2)Users can choose different combination and configuration of product in accordance with practical requirements.