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Led operating lights
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Led operating lights
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Detailed Product Description:
Main technical parameters:
We adopt the latest OSRAM LED chip with high colour rendering technology to develop BJ-ix6 LED operation lights,it is the advanced illumination equipment for hospital in modern times,it reduced the infrared ray and ultraviolet ray radiation to minimum equivalent level during operating illumination,it significantly reduce the heat in the surgical area and the trauma of cell tissue,it takes the people's demands as the first aim and reflects green environmental protection design concept.
The enclosed design is adopted for body of lights which suit for operation room,it makes the air go through the lights central part,with re-high temperature sterilization handle,it solve the intersect infection during operation,the service lift is 40-50 times longer halogen bulb,the energy consumption is one third as halogen bulb,due to latest Europe/USA LED chip and optimization control technology.We adopt the excellent CAD/CAM technology to crate the focusing lens system which solve the difficulty illumination for LED operating lights,it is an energy-saving operating lights in modern times.
Following IEC60601-2-41 standard.We have established the high standards of manufacture and quality management system.
Technical date
Illumination:60,000~16,0000 Lux
Light field diameter:f150~f280 mm
Color temperature:3000~6000K
Illumination depth:≥800mm
Voltage and Power:100~240V/200W
Expected LED service life:45,000h
Type Parts Package dimension Gross weight Net weight Packing

Lamp head 

80×80×35(cm) 32.5(Kg) 14(Kg) Plywood box
Swivel ling arm 160×51.5×47.5(cm) 76(Kg) 49(Kg) Plywood box

Installation requirements:

1.The basement should support a burden of 500Kg.If the height of the ceiling is more than 3.2m,one extension rack should be added(it can be specially made by us)
2.The ground lead of the user should be connected with the groud lead terminal of the product.(The kelly line at the base)
3.Please contact with the company for any special requirements in installation.Meanwhile,we take the job for installation.